Serious challenges are approaching!
Understand our strength with


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What are your insights about inner strength? 

Practical solutions show us steps to take.

Inner strength enables us to take them.

Solutions and strength -- both are essential.

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Serious Challenges...

Many challenges are imminent...

Global warming - Climate change - Forest fire - Earthquake Overwhelming chaos - Rampant Greed - Noise everwhere, etc...

     And even without these dangers...

Health can always change -

       Death is inevitable.


Which qualities do we need?

Inner Strength - Mindfulness - Visualization - Gratitude -   Generosity - Compassion - Wakefulness - Simplicity - Clarity - Humor - Determination -  Joy - Surrender - Peace - and more...

Inner Resources...


The Conversation...

PWN is a series of short videos - Most are only a minute long - A mix of insights, storytelling, and wisdom - From anyone - About the tools we can use for inner strength.

The message I love hearing:

My greatest treasure is here close - Needs no hunting high and low - I start with all the strength I need - Here within myself.


A Short Video...

Please share! - Many people want to hear your thoughts - Please don't try to sound professional or wise - Just be yourself - Via a short session on Zoom or FaceTime

Or record a quick and casual selfie video - Casual, simple, easy, and honest - Only a couple minutes long - I will edit the final version - Final will be one minute - A few might be longer - Send via email, dropbox, or other - To