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This website is an introduction to Resources Course:
An online course for young and old,

exploring our important inner resources

$29 (but Free during this testing period)

Hosts Ari & Joel talk about each animated metaphor.

ThinkAbouts  look deeper at these inner resources, including

Exercises, Games, Assignments, and more.

PRESS HERE to watch excerpts from Resources Course


Meet our hostess, Ari, and the life she loves ... yet she also knows big challenges could strike any day.  


Surrounded by shouting and noise, we easily dismiss what is important. These are times when we must listen for what is very quiet ... and perhaps ignored.


The essence of inner strength is very simple and very present. We all have the elements of inner strength. Here are four pieces, all contained in life itself.


Yes, I want to find strength ... but which direction should I look? Do I need to become familiar with my greatest resource? Have I been ignoring what is here?


Discovery requires seeing clearly, in new ways. Learning what I have requires clear vision. Here's a metaphor about a grey rocky vacuum that is actually a colorful dance of magic.


Everyone's story: a life that builds from quiet to crescendo. Returning to the beginning reveals a center core of strength.


A simple child's game carrying an important message. Sometimes the most ordinary and obvious things are the hardest to see.


The nature of gratitude: clarity, recognition, appreciation, commitment ... and inner strength. After all, giving thanks taps the power of humility.  


In order to go where we want, we must first identify the path that goes precisely to that place. This video illustrates importance of simplicity. 


Words don’t always work. Sometimes communication seems impossible. When? Why? Inner strength needs to recognize and engage with things directly. 


Major help might come from a source that is unfamiliar to us. Sometimes we have no choice but to admit we do not know and to trust without hesitation.

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