Piece We Need is an exploration into inner strength. PWN is a series of 12 videos, called Pieces. We start with 2 Pre videos and then ask some deeper questions, called Thinkabouts. 

Meet Ari and the life she loves ... yet she also knows big challenges could strike any day. 

Introduction to the Piece We Need (PWN) online workshop - exploring inner strength - by our hostess, Ari.

One man’s story of extreme challenge, but could be anyone. Looking from the inside when the outside speaks loud. 

Insights -- from Joel / from Ari

Sudden change can be catastrophic for many people, all at once. Challenges require us to feel love of life.

Insights -- from Joel / from Ari

To hear what is important, we must also listen for what is very quiet and perhaps ignored.

Insights -- from Joel / from Ari

The simple elements of inner strength that we all have. Why? Because they're contained in life itself.

Finding strength ... Which direction should I look? Have I been ignoring what is here?

Discovery requires seeing clearly;  a grey vacuum is actually a dance of magic.

Finding the heart of strength requires returning to the beginning.

Sometimes the most ordinary and obvious things are the hardest to see.

The nature of gratitude: clarity, appreciation, humility, commitment, generosity ... and inner strength.

To go where we want, we must identify the simple path that goes precisely where to that place.

Words don’t always work, and sometimes communication seems impossible. When? Why?

Big help can come from a source that is unfamiliar. However, sometimes we have no choice but to trust it.