Explorers Vista - Piece 3


Everything is going Just Right!

My handsome fiance, creative stepson, loving dog, great cat - all in this perfect apartment.

I could not ask for more!

Yet I know surprises can come anytime

Big Challenges!!

- Changes are part of life - 

One day,

my dear friend Joel asked me for help with his video series about

Inner Strength 

And also strength is another part of life 

 Joel's car was hit by a drunk driver at 120 mph!

Joel knows Inner Strength!

I agree with Joel that changes are a part of life

and also

inner strength is another part of life!

Changes are coming, s0 strength is a part 

everyone needs to know! 

Inner Strength lives in

the feeling of life inside.

Therefore you can be

a captain of strength

as much as anyone!


Explorers Vista challenges us to look at our lives. It points to solutions we may have missed.

You’re welcome to choose some questions and bypass others

Don't trust your first thoughts.

Look a little deeper.

Don't try to impress anyone!

You aren't being graded!


Now look even deeper.

Let's make these ideas reality
What steps can we take?

What does our world need?

Explore inner strength 

Embrace Inner beauty

Exercise practicality!
Think unlimited!

There are no rights or wrongs

It is time for optimism

What events do you see (in your life or around you) that occur randomly?
Which are predictable? What are the pros and cons of randomness? Of regulatory?
Have there been big major challenges in your life?
What parts of your life changed? What remained the same?
What gives only shaky ground?
What would you say is strong and solid?
Do you feel a foundation of health and safety? (even a little bit)