Explorers Vista - Thoughts1

Everything is going Just Right!

My handsome fiance, creative stepson, loving dog, great cat - all in this perfect apartment.

I could not ask for more!

I agree with Joel that changes are a part of life

and also

inner strength is another part of life!

Changes are coming, s0 strength is a part 

everyone needs to know! 

Inner Strength lives in

the feeling of life inside.

Therefore you can be

a captain of strength

as much as anyone!

When have you most felt inner strength? 

Do you know the wisdom of being a Compassionate Leader?

What is important to you? Does it bring out strength?

What are the elements of inner strength?

-- Health?  -- Humor?  -- Being alone? --Staying active?
     --Keeping consistent? --Being patient?

What does the word Challenge mean to you?

Have you had serious changes in your past?

Can inner strength be learned?

What strengths do you have now?

What challenges do you face every day?

Can you think of some role models for inner strength?

What are the differences between inner and outer strength?

How do you think you would be in a major catastrophe?

How can you become a Helper?