In these days of electronic introductions, it sure is hard to meet people! So I asked a friend to help me meet a woman. Here's what she wrote. If you are interested in talking, please write to me.  

              -- Joel

I have a friend who is a wonderful person. He is very creative, very social, lighthearted, and also deep. He has a profound sense of inner being—that still, unchanging spiritual core inside each of us. He sits in meditation at least an hour a day. This is a practice he has kept for 50 years. He walks for 40 minutes daily and goes to the gym twice a week. He eats very consciously and is always looking for ways to improve his health and well-being.

He is a filmmaker, creating videos about themes like: inner strength, overcoming challenges, gratitude. His passion is to help inspire people to find their center so that they have the strength to meet challenges. He believes this is especially important now because, in addition to the personal challenges we all face from time to time, larger global changes may soon impact each of us. 

He has a really great smile. He makes friends wherever he goes. When he takes his daily walks around town, he greets people and talks to them -- a welcome change from people who won’t even look at you. He is an exceedingly positive person and he has a fun sense of humor. Here is an example. He has only one tattoo. It says, “Tattoo!”


He is, quite literally, a walking miracle. Many years ago, in the prime of his life, he was hit head-on at 120 mph by a speeding drunk driver. He spent 9 months in the hospital. The doctors didn’t expect him to live, and certainly not to walk. But through the power of his will and inner strength, he re-learned how to speak and walk. But the real miracle is that this experience did not leave him bitter. He loves life and he loves people. He says, “I am in awe of the power of life itself.”


Who is this marvelous man? His name is Joel. Why am I telling you about him? Because with all the blessings in his life, he is missing one thing. He would love a companion, a playmate, an ally. He asked me to help him find a partner.


At the time of his accident, Joel was married. His wife was his fierce advocate during the long hospitalization, but she left the relationship after he came home. Joel has dated occasionally but has not found the right partner.


Joel now walks with two canes. He does not drive. The right person would see past the physical disability and delight in his fabulous smile, his marvelous mind, and his love of play. The right woman would enjoy going on social outings with him and would accompany him to the many places and events he loves to go to. Joel is not necessarily looking for a wife or live-in partner, but he would love someone to play with and share life’s profound joys.


If you are interested in getting to know Joel better, please write to him at:


You can also find out more about Joel at the Piece We Need website or his Facebook page.