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Frequently Asked Questions about PWN

These are questions often asked about Piece We Need:


► What is this website, Piece We Need?
Piece We Need (PWN) is an introduction to an online course, 
Resources Course. The course includes 10 short videos, which are visual metaphors  about one aspect of inner strength. They also include comments by the hosts Ari and Joel.

► Who is Joel?
Joel Metzger developed the PWN videos and this website. In the past, I did 3D modeling on computer, which was used to create these animations. 

► Why did Joel create PWN?

Because I want to talk about my personal discovery of inner strength. I'm learning about this wealth with the help of a man who helps people find a source of strength and clarity inside themselves. He helps many people around the world discover their inner resources.


However, I am definitely not a spokesman, expert, or representative in any way. Piece We Need is a personal expression about my own experiences. On a worldwide level, this is a time of growing challenges and fear, so I think it is very important to speak about beautiful experiences. My traumas forced me to learn a great deal about inner strength. I want to share about my discoveries. 

How did Joel begin to focus on inner experience?
I started listening to a teacher of inner discovery and learned a daily practice of self-knowledge. This has shown me essential inner experiences. 

► How can people find a teacher for themselves?
I suggest finding someone who teaches how to connect with inner experiences of yourself. I'm happy to tell more to anyone who asks. 

► Is your practice the only way to learn inner strength?
I do not know. This is the only path I am familiar with. 


► Who is Ari?
Ari is a young friend of mine, and the daughter of a long-time friend. Wouldn't you agree she is great on camera?

► Why is Joel's voice often hard to understand?
I survived a severe head trauma in a 1983 car accident. Even though I work daily to improve it, my voice is still a problem. P
lease bear with it. Maybe my voice problem is a good reminder that we can all face severe challenges. If my voice is too difficult to understand in places, please let me know and I will rerecord it or add subtitles in the videos. Here is a video about these experiences: Joel's Story 

► Is PWN also presented in other media?
PWN was adapted to an online course designed for grandparents to watch with their grandchildren.  Resources Course.

PWN also became a paperback book available for order at bookstores internationally and from Amazon

► Can others help grow Piece We Need?
You are welcome to tell others about PWN: the videos, website, Resources Course, and paperback book.

To make donations, please use email link below. All funds received (100%) will go towards maintenance and promotion. 

► How can people contact Joel about Piece We Need?
Please email.

I want to thank the many people who helped me with PWN. Please see the Credits Page.

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